The Benefits Of Workplace Plants Extolled

Getting the right furniture at work is a must for managers. They simply cannot afford to neglect this issue. Poorly designed and built seating, desks and other items are unacceptable in the modern office. They can cause a whole series of problems and lead to furniture at work complaints.

As well as focussing on the furniture they buy for their offices, bosses may benefit from considering the greenery on offer in their working areas. Recently, indoor plant specialist Ambius advised companies to ‘green up’.

According to the organisation, businesses managers could be missing a trick if they fail to stock up on new plants. It suggested that these vibrant items are good for buildings and their occupants, and they may even help to boost enterprises’ bottom lines.

Ambius’ Graeme Armeni stated: “In addition to creating a pleasant, tranquil office environment there are wider positive returns to be gained from improving and investing in a greener workplace environment. Research from University of Technology Sydney and universities in the UK has found that indoor plants can improve air quality, well-being and increase productivity.”

The firm drew attention to studies conducted at the University of Exeter that suggested employees working in environments enriched with plants or artwork, and those who see something of themselves in their workplaces, feel more physically comfortable as they go about their tasks. It also suggested that these individuals identify more with their employers, are more productive and feel more positive about their jobs.

Mr Armeni added: “Having indoor plants can also form part of a business’ green commitment and the Green Building Council of Australia recognises the importance of indoor plants through its Green Star programme. Many businesses are choosing to combine green building features and office design, an attractive option when you consider the potential impact on workplace productivity and the bottom line.”

Meanwhile, Ambius also pointed to research conducted by Dr Fraser Torpy and his team at the University of Technology Sydney. These studies suggest that indoor plants can improve air quality and wellbeing.

Dr Torpoy claims that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from synthetic materials in office furniture, fittings and computers can lead to headaches, loss of concentration and a number of other health problems. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide is also linked to drowsiness. According to his research, plants can reduce VOCs by 80 per cent and they can bring down carbon dioxide levels by up to a quarter.

In addition, plants can reduce dust levels, refresh air and help to stabilise temperature and humidity levels, he stated. Concluding, Dr Torpoy said: “Employers will also be interested to hear that this cleaner air leads to clearer thinking which in turn promotes greater productivity and efficiency.”

Whether they are on the lookout for plants, seating, desks or anything else, bosses can head online. This is by far the most convenient way of sourcing provisions for offices. Within a matter of moments, managers should be able to find what they are after and place their orders. Paying keen attention to the goods they buy for their working spaces can help to minimise the risk that they will be subject to furniture at work problems and other unwanted complications.

About the author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written extensively on the subject of furniture at work complaints.

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