10 Insider Tips On How To Find A Buyer For Your Home

Interest rates in December 2020 hit a record low for a fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage. A 2.71% interest rate is one reason why it’s a seller’s market. Rising house prices tend to be the result of low-interest rates.

Even when it’s a seller’s market, selling your home can be stressful. You need insider tips to make selling easier. Read on to learn 10 ways to find a buyer for your home.

  1. Try Any Condition Cash Buyers

If you need to make a sale quickly, the best way might be to ask for an offer from cash buyers who buy homes in any condition. They are homebuying experts who can make decisions quickly and come up with the cash without any fuss.

You may need to move home quickly. This could be because you need to move house for work, because of a relationship break up, or for reasons of debt. Whatever your reasons, cash buyers can save you money and time by releasing you from the problem of finding a buyer and completing a sale.

  1. Check Your Asking Price

If there’s a difference between your expectations and the market price for your home, you may find that you struggle to find a buyer. Base your expectations on some reliable research and you’re more likely to attract serious buyers and make a sale.

Check prices of similar homes in your neighborhood. Make sure that the homes you use for comparison are of similar size and condition.

Do some research with real estate agents. They will have a realistic idea of what they expect a house to sell for. Their judgment will be based on actual sale prices rather than the aspirations of the sellers.

  1. Declutter Your Home

The simplest thing you can do to prepare your home for sale is to declutter. Removing things from the rooms in your home makes it look bigger. When it comes to selling a home, more space equals more value.

Clear countertops, thin out shelves, and even remove a few items of furniture. It makes it easier for you to keep things clean and tidy for viewings too. It all adds to the feeling of space and cleanliness.

  1. Simplify Your Decor

You might have wonderful taste in home decor. Perhaps you are creative and brave in your choice of colors and textures. Your home decor might bring you plaudits from friends and family.

One thing is certain. Some of the people viewing your home, won’t appreciate it. You need your home decor to be acceptable to any viewer. They need to see your home as a blank canvass for their own home decor ideas.

Once you decide to sell your home, consider re-decorating. Any rooms with a strong identity might benefit from a little blandness. Use neutral colors, remove striking accessories, and tone it down.

  1. Use Professional Photography

Great photography can attract potential buyers. Online marketing relies on photography so make sure it’s working for you and not against you.

With the advent of digital photography and especially smartphones, we all think we can take great photos. If you want to attract buyers for your home, you can’t rely on a lucky smartphone snap. Get a professional set of photographs and you’re much more likely to attract potential buyers.

  1. Show Like a Professional

Once you attract a potential buyer to your home, you need to make the most of the viewing. If you are showing them around your home, you need to do it like a professional.

Show them around your home from the front door, following the natural flow of the home. Don’t feel like you have to talk all the time. Allow them some silence so they can take in what they are seeing.

Once you’ve shown them around and pointed out key features that may not be obvious don’t rush them. Give them some freedom to walk around your home to discover things themselves.

If they are viewing your home as a couple, let them have an opportunity to talk privately. Help them imagine themselves living in your home by suggesting they take a seat and have a few moments to discuss things together.

  1. Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the impression it gives as a potential buyer approaches it.

Keep your yard tidy. Cut lawns regularly. Don’t let trash accumulate.

Take a look at your home from the street. Can you see anything that detracts from a good impression? If you can, do something about it.

  1. Test Potential Buyers

Selling your home can be very energy-sapping. You need to focus your efforts on those potential buyers who are serious about buying.

Ask viewers for pre-approval letters from lenders so you have proof of funds. This will reduce the number of timewasters you show around your home.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Home Empty

You might be tempted to move out of your home. Perhaps you need to move on emotionally or for practical reasons. Be aware, moving out of your home, makes it more difficult to sell.

A vacant home can very quickly look uncared for. The yard can become untidy. The rooms become cold and unwelcoming.

Try to maintain some presence in your home. It helps people visualize it as a home that is looked after.

  1. Fix Your Home Up

If there are minor maintenance issues, fix them. There’s nothing like a few broken light switches and a dripping tap to suggest to a potential buyer that there may be some more serious problems with the house.

If there are bigger problems, be open about them. Offer a discount to help with resolving them or reflect the cost of repairs in the price.

Find a Buyer Now

If you follow these 10 tips, you should be able to find a buyer quickly. Ignore them, and you may not be able to take advantage of this seller’s market.

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