What is involved in a Tree Survey?

Tree Survey

Tree surgeons and professional tree specialists offer surveys as part of conservation and protection work, as well as in light of development. The aim of a tree survey is to meet regulations laid out by the Royal Institute of British Architects and to help plot new development which nurtures and aids conservation rather than damaging habitats.

A tree survey is often conducted on behalf of developers and architects and can help to make the process of designing, plotting and building new properties easier. However, it can also prove beneficial to homeowners who want to find out the history of the trees on their property and determine the best way to safeguard trees amid renovation and outdoor work.

In this blog, we’re focussing specifically on tree surveys in Essex – sharing an inside look at who conducts these surveys, what they’re looking for, and when you might need to book a survey.

Who conducts a tree survey and what are they looking for?

Surveys are carried out by tree specialists and are usually commissioned by property management firms, homeowners, and developers in order to understand the best way to deal with and manage different trees on a site.

The basic survey considers and looks at the type of tree, whether it is native to the area or not, its age, how healthy it is, how well spread the crown and leaves are, any issues with root spread and location, and how the different trees on a single plot impact each other. The main aim of a survey is always to consider ways of maximising the health of existing trees, with some of the common outcomes including crown reduction and branch removal, replanting, or replacement with other species of tree.

Depending on the type of trees that are in a set location, their health, and how they impact the surrounding land, a survey might advise that architects and developers should work around the trees, or it might advise removing the existing trees and replacing them with more suitable ones.

When do you need a tree survey?

It is important to book a tree survey if you are considering any kind of work on your property or grounds which will impact the tree, or which could require a tree to be removed. Planning applications tend to require tree surveys as a necessity in validating the application and will use the findings and advice to determine the best way of conserving natural and nearby habitats.

You might also decide to book a tree survey on your own property if you want to understand the landscape more and identify the best ways to nurture your existing trees. Where trees could cause potential future damage or cause a risk to health and safety, a survey can be a good way of keeping on top of the growth of a tree and its stability over time.

Need to book a tree survey?

If you need to book a tree survey, whether as part of a planning application or for your own peace of mind, get in touch with your local tree surgeons today.

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