Common Plumbing And Heating Services You Should Know About

The plumbing system in your house is incredibly complex. It consists of a series of different pipes and valves that are connected to each other in order to regulate the flow of water that moves through the taps. All you have to do is turn the on the faucet in order to get water through the taps. However, this water passes through a series of pipes in order to come out clean. Now, most homeowners don’t really know much about the common plumbing and heating services offered by local companies in their region. Here are just some of the most common services offered by such companies:


When a new house is being constructed, the company is responsible for laying down the pipework. This is an incredibly difficult process, because the cold and hot pipes are different and need to be installed at varying levels. Furthermore, the drainage system must also run through the house and ultimately connect to the main sewage system in the region. A lot of professional help is needed in order to lay down the pipework of any house.

Power Flushing

What happens to you if your drain gets choked or blocked? There are a number of reasons why the drain might get clogged. However, if that’s the case, you should immediately call an expert such as AWS Plumbing & Heating Ltd. The company will use power flushing methods in order to remove the blockage.

Power flushing generally involves flushing water at very high pressure through the drain in order to remove the blockage. In some cases, a hot mixture of chemicals might also be flushed down the drain in order to help dissolve and remove the blockage. You need an expert for this job to first find out the source of the blockage.

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