The Multiple Benefits Of Using Shutters On Windows

The window shutters are not just an excellent way to secure privacy by blocking internal views or filter the sun’s glare to get uninterrupted natural lighting, but also a good way of ensuring double security. Wonder why go for shutters when there are so many options for controlling light and air inflow through windows? There are not just a few reasons, but a huge list of reasons to go with window shutters, and you would love to learn them, especially when you are planning your new house from the scratch, or planning a home renovation.

What are window shutters?

Window shutters are made of solid matter, and the material may be timber, hardwood, ply, vinyl, engineered wood, etc. The shutters are made of narrow slats arranged horizontally in equal small gapping across a frame, which stands vertical. Shutters are made of two parts; each part joined by the hinges on either side of the window frame.  And the size can be custom ordered, with one or more vertical slats or no extra vertical slat in between the two end frames.

The multiple advantages of window shutters

Window shutters come with numerous benefits, and you would be surprised to know that they can be of such great use:

  • They are made of hardwood generally, and thus add value to the home or property when installed.
  • The slats in the shutter can be raised or lowered and can be opened or closed completely with the use of a lever, which you can manually operate.
  • Some shutters are fixed and designed for windows where you want a continuous flow of fresh air, natural light, and absolute security and privacy.
  • While shutters allow you to see the outside view, they do not permit outsiders to view anything inside because of the angle of the slats. The beautiful engineering is great to secure your privacy.
  • Shutters are great to allow in natural light till they are open. You may control the amount of light you want in by changing the angle of the shutters. Completely closing the shutters would help you block all light and convert illuminated space into a dark one. Overall, they help you keep the glare of the midday sun away, and only enjoy that much of light which you need.
  • With shutters, you get a constant flow of fresh air in the rooms.
  • Snow and rain, hail storms, and rough winds, all would simply crash over the shutters, but not get inside the house. Some amount of moisture with extremely heavy rainfall may get in, but you would still be able to enjoy the cold air and sound of rain through the open or semi-open shutters.
  • You may open and close the shutter panes like ordinary window panes.
  • Shutters go with any theme and look, and a vintage style home or a contemporary design home, both would look great with well-planned window shutters.
  • Maintenance of window shutter is close to zero, as a wipe or brushing once in a few months is enough to keep them dust free and clean.
  • Window shutters are highly durable and would last as long as the bricks and walls of your house if you keep the wood well protected by weather guard paints.
  • They can protect you amazingly by being an extra shield of security after the rails or grills on the window frame.

Now that you can see the huge list of positive reasons for getting window shutters, you must think about them while planning the house interiors.

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