Repainting Your Home’s Exterior: Making The Experience Positive

Living in Perth means your home is subjected to a variety of abuses climatically and environmentally. That is why it is essential to contract with a painter who is experienced in exterior work. Use a contractor who is fully dedicated to providing premium work.

Sit Down with a Consultant First

The painter you choose should provide advice through the services of an in-house colour consultant as well. That way, you can make a paint selection that is aligned with your vision of how your home should look. An in-house colour consultant can advise you on what products to use, including sealers and primers.

Enviro Paints

Also, make sure the painter you work with is current on the latest painting products, whether they are metallic, enviro paints, or water-based enamels. If you suffer from allergies or do not like paint odour, then you will want to know more about the enviro paints that can be used on your home’s exterior. These types of paints are made with low amounts of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

VOCs themselves are released into the air when the paint is drying. The compounds can cause such acute symptoms as dizziness and headaches. VOCs can even be released into the air up to several years after paint was applied. Therefore, paints and finishes with VOCs release low-level toxins into the air. Given that VOCs are considered hazardous, enviro paints are being promoted for exterior and interior painting.

Making a Paint Selection

According to health professionals, VOCs cause nose, eye, and throat irritations as well as nausea and headaches. They can also injure the central nervous system, kidneys, and liver. Therefore, exterior house painters in Perth recognise the importance of using paints with a low VOC content.

Indeed, painters are well-aware of the environmental concerns that relate to painted and repainted outdoor surfaces. Not only are painters focused on providing paints that don’t cause health issues, they also are committed to colouring homes with paints, primers, and sealers whose finishes will last. Because Western Australia features high levels of wind-borne salt and UV radiation, paints must be designed to withstand outdoor abuses as well.

Protecting the Exterior Surface

When painting exteriors, painters often use primers that are characterised by anti-corrosive and zinc-rich ingredients as well as two-pack epoxies. They also make use of membrane paints and tried-and-tested finishes that are known to resolve environmental issues.

If you wish to choose an enviro paint, remember that latex-based paints always have fewer VOCs than oil-based products. So, if you want to turn an exterior paint job “green,” it is important to review the VOC levels of a paint. If you plan to paint your interior too, you can freshen the indoor atmosphere by choosing a low-level or no-VOC type of paint. Whilst you cannot totally remove the VOC levels in paint, you can choose to use products which have lower levels.

When you work with a painter who offers a full range of painting services, who knows what works or does not work on interior and exterior surfaces, you can make your paint upgrade a positive change and a long-lasting success.

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