Residential Paint Color Trends In 2017

If your setting is in need of new paint, you might want to consider some of the exciting color trends of 2016. From color blocking patterns to chic contrasting hues, there are some things to keep in mind when selecting a color palette for your home. Before purchasing paint, be sure to consider the following color trends as they might be the ideal color solutions for you.

The Grays

Gray has been increasingly popular as the go-to shade for home interiors. To keep your gray room from appearing dark or drab, work in metallic elements of silver or pewter. You can also combine various shades of gray to create a mesmerizing decorative plan. When it comes to interior or exterior house painting, gray is this year’s color of choice.

Blue and White

Interior designers have predicted that blue and white color palettes will be making a splash this year. Inspired by ocean hues, this year’s blue shades will provide a bold pop of color that’s sure to enliven decorative schemes. If you enjoy coastal hues and elements, this might be the year for a makeover with blue. The addition of white provides an attention-getting contrast that brims with today’s style.

Yellow and Green

Light shades of yellow and green may have been popular during the 1970s, but they’re back with contemporary flair. These colors have a bright energy that can be uplifting for various rooms of your home. If this combination is too bold for your taste, consider introducing plenty of neutral shades into the mix to soften the effect of the bolder hues.

Think Pink–and Purple

Pastel shades like pink and purple are hot and getting hotter in the months to come. Pairing pink with gray or black can have a striking effect on your décor. Similarly, light shades of purple, lilac, and lavender can also be paired with gray or black. Instead of appearing retro, these color combinations have a surprisingly modern effect.

Fresh paint can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of your home. Although these are some of the hottest hues and color combinations, you may still want to roll with neutral shades, especially if you have plans to sell your home in the near future. If you do select a trend-right color, you’ll enjoy being on the cutting edge of interior design.

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