Simple Tips On How To Extend The Life Of Your Refrigeration

Refrigeration is an essential appliance not only back at home, but in many food and beverage businesses as well. It helps keep your ingredients fresh while cooling your beverages and making them ready for consumption.

Like other equipment, the best way to prolong the life of your refrigeration is by regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Not only will this help your refrigeration work efficiently, but it will also help in prolonging its lifespan.

The thing is, cleaning and maintenance can be a vicious cycle. If you value your investment and wants to extend your refrigeration’s lifespan, there are some maintenance tips you should never skip, such as the following.

Clean The Exterior And Interior Of Your Refrigeration Regularly

Make sure to clean your refrigeration thoroughly at least once or twice a week. You’d be surprised that upon inspection, lots of dirt, dust, and oil can accumulate on the exterior. Use a soft brush or a washcloth with a detergent-based solution for the exterior. You can also choose organic alternatives such as a vinegar-based solution or a baking soda paste. For your interior, remove all items inside and place them on a temporary cooler. Use a soft brush or washcloth and vinegar or soap-water solution for the shelves. Pat dry before filling in your refrigeration.

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Keep It Dry

Liquids can accumulate inside your refrigeration due to spilled contents. When you let any liquid stay on your unit, this can cause the unit to freeze up over time. So, if you find any spills, make sure to clean this up immediately. Also, check if there is a buildup of moisture every week to avoid freezing.

Clean Drain Pans and Drainage Hoses

Sludge, grime, and slime can accumulate on your drain pan. So, make sure to drain these at least once a month with vinegar or soap-based solution. Ignore cleaning this, and it can leave you with a pungent smell circulating your kitchen just because of a dirty drain pan. Even your drainage hoses need some TLC. Smut can also accumulate on your drain hoses and cause blockage and clogging. Make sure to clean the tubes while you’re cleaning the drain pans to prevent future wear. If you’re not sure how to check and maintain your refrigeration, consult a certified technician for a refrigeration repair spring

Clean The Air Filters

Your unit’s air filters help in neutralizing odors, reduce contaminants, and keep your food fresh and safe. When dirt and grime accumulates, this can prevent air from ventilating correctly. So, make sure to clean the air filters regularly and replace them as needed. It’s best to replace your filters every six months. 

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A poorly maintained refrigeration won’t last long and can break your bank ever so often. Also, when you don’t maintain your unit, then you can’t expect them to work as efficiently as they should, thus wasting your resources. Don’t let your investment go to waste. Make sure to properly maintain your refrigeration and schedule it for a routine refrigeration repair spring checkup at least twice yearly.