GRP Building Components

GRP mouldings are a far more widely used construction material than many people realise. People are used to seeing GPR insulated panels used in construction, but do not often notice when GPR is used for mouldings.

Types of GRP Mouldings

The most common kind of GRP mouldings are those that are used for porch entrances and dormer windows. In many cases, apex or bowel dormer windows that look like they are built from a combination of wood, brick or tiles are actually made from moulded GRP.

GRP is Glass Reinforced Plastic or Polyester, which, in its basic form, is fibreglass. Because it can be easily moulded, it can be built to look like anything you want. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that most people cannot tell the difference between a building component made out of GRP and the real thing.

There are many advantages to using GRP mouldings in place of traditional building materials. For example, a chimney built out of GRP looks just as good as a real chimney. Yet it comes in a single piece, which means it can be carried up onto the roof and installed in a fraction of the time it would take to build a real chimney. Despite being so light, it is extremely durable and completely weatherproof. In addition, this material is exceptionally colourfast and resistant to denting and scratching. This means that decades after installation it will look as good as new and fulfil its function.

Buying GRP Mouldings

If you want to buy GRP building components it is important to shop around. There are quite a few companies out there that make them but the quality varies considerably. If you buy cheap mouldings, you are likely to find that they do not look convincing.

When buying GRP mouldings it makes sense to buy from well-established companies. These companies have the necessary experience to produce truly high-quality products. Over the years, they will have developed mouldings that are able to cope with the elements. They will also offer a wealth of advice and support.

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