The Best Spots For A Tube Heater

tubular heaters

tubular heaters

Considered a cost-saving, efficient, and versatile form of heating for homes and interior spaces, there are a number of benefits that come with installing tube heaters in your home.

With tube heaters which are not only available in different sizes but which can easily be fixed into the wall and only require a standard three-pin plug for power, it’s safe to say that most of the benefits of tubular heaters lie in their versatile functions and easy access heat. But where are the best spots for your tube heater throughout the seasons, and could these small, heated devices offer an alternative to costly central heating for homeowners?

Tube heaters as supplementary heating in winter 

Easy to power and very portable, tube heaters can be attached to the wall in almost any room of the home, adding supplementary heating to spaces with central heating, and ensuring that warm air reaches every corner of the room rather than the targeted zone around a radiator.

One of the challenges that homeowners face when relying solely on radiators for heat is the intense blast of heat which hits the air immediately around the radiator, dispersing into the air around it so that the room takes a long time to warm completely. Tubular heaters let homeowners infuse heat into areas that they use most frequently as well as spaces and rooms without radiators – creating a more consistent ambient heat than central heating which constantly switches on and off.

 Tube heaters to balance high humidity spaces 

Another popular use for tubular heaters is to balance spaces with high humidity by counteracting moisture levels in the air. This is important for avoiding damp and mould, particularly in rooms of the home which do not benefit from direct radiator and central heating access – for example, lofts, basements, and conservatories.

The design of our WATH tubular heaters means that they are also well suited to greenhouses, helping homeowners and green-fingered gardeners to create environments that are cohesive to optimum growing.

Considerations When Finding The Perfect Home For Your Tube Heater

There are some considerations you need to take into account when fitting your tube heater – we do advise that you leave adequate space around the entirety of the heater, keeping it away from direct contact with any materials and ensuring that there is sufficient space for air circulation around the outside of the device.

With a range of sizes available, it couldn’t be easier to find a tube heater to fit your space and specific needs, though we do also recommend installing your heater horizontally to ensure that you maximise the flow of heat into the surrounding air.

Finally, remember that your tubular heater requires access to electricity to work, with a range of different accessories enabling ease of installation and use throughout your space – supporting everything from outdoor installation to remote thermostat control and safeguarding the heated tube.

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