The Best Time To Install Double Glazed Windows

Why install double glazing in summer, when the weather is already pleasant and warm enough for us to want to keep our windows open all day long? The reason is that installing seasonal gear in the off-season gets you a sizeable discount on your purchase. Everyone wants to install double glazing in autumn or early winter. If you do it in spring when last year’s unused stock is about to go into storage which would probably be too old for use next year, you will get your work done for less, and still get the best product. Besides, double glazing would also help you in summer as much as in winter.

Double Glazing in summer

We all know that summers in Chesham can get just a tad bit uncomfortable during June and early July when the temperature rises a bit too much for us to be comfortable. In times like those, most houses and offices resort to air conditioning that consumes tremendous amounts of energy to keep the interiors cool. If you have double glazing in your windows, you may never require resorting to deliberately cooling your rooms, or even if you do, not incur significant energy expenses.


What double glazing does is that it prevents heat transfer between the insides of the house and the outsides. The primary points of heat transfer between the house and its surroundings are the doors and windows. As doors remain closed when not in use, windows are what are responsible for your rooms getting uncomfortably warm and humid during the summer as the temperature outside rises. Double glazing would prevent this heat transfer, thereby keeping your interiors cool and comfortable even when the outsides are scorching.

The result is that you do not have to use fans or air conditioning as much as you usually do in summer months, and save a lot in terms of electricity. Even if you think installing new windows is a big expense and you do not wish to do it at this time, consider the money you will save over the years and how this particular investment would in fact, make you money rather than cost you.

Getting the right installers


If you chose to install double glazing on your windows this summer then do your homework before you go out and make an investment. It is important that you find the right variety of double glazing for your requirements, keeping in mind that you would also need them to be useful in the winter months. There are several companies providing double glazing Chesham and you need to call them up, multiple ones if possible, and ask them what choices they provide you with.

As with most investments that you make for your house, double glazing is not something that you would want to get done with the cheapest possible option. Research into what you want and go for the highest quality product if possible as your windows is something that would stay with you for decades to come.