Know About The Different Types Of Engineered Flooring

Now a day’s people like to handle the flooring issues seriously. As they know that the good flooring can add beauty to their house. Flooring is of various types ranging from hardwood flooring, maple wood flooring, laminated flooring, tiled flooring, etc.

Some engineered floorings are:

These are the some basic engineered flooring discussed below.

Ordinary Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is often seen in areas where a lot of stress is always implied. These flooring are generally made of teakwood and are designed to last long under stress and pressure. This flooring offers strength as well as durability. This type of engineered flooring is not very common and is often limited to some specific areas. The cons of such flooring are that these flooring’s do not provide such a beautiful outlook to the area.

Maplewood flooring

This is perhaps the top of the class engineered flooring that is available in the market. This type of engineered flooring is generally found in the five star suites, restaurants, private jets and rich homes. The only con of this flooring is that it is bit expensive. There are unlimited pros to such engineered flooring. The Maplewood floors are light and give a matted outlook of the wood’s actual color. This type of engineered flooring gives a premium feel to the feet of a person walking on it.

Marble flooring

This type of engineered flooring is ideal for bathroom floors and kitchen floors. This type of flooring is easy to clean as well as is water resistant. The flooring is available in all types of colors ranging from pink, brown, orange and the classical white. The only cons of these flooring bring that if the marbles are cracked by accident, there is a lot of work needed to be done in changing the marble for that particular area.

Epoxy Flooring

Whether you want to remodel the flooring or seal a concrete surface, commercial epoxy flooring have the ability to transform your spaces and, at the same time, make them more resistant. The epoxy also covers any previous defects your floor may have. In order to hide the imperfections on your surface, you can choose to use epoxy paint. This material is a very economical option compared to other flooring renovation options.

Teakwood Flooring

This type of engineered flooring is the most commonly wood flooring done in most of the houses. It gives the house a great look altogether. This type of flooring requires good engineering skills. The wood slabs are at first sorted out to longs and short in lengths. Now these are laid over an area where the glue is smeared in good amount. Then another layer is put over it and this process continues two or three more times, until the required width of the floor is achieved. Little gaps are present in between the slabs to allow for expansion due to climatic changes. Now the slabs are held together by Mickey pins until the glue dries and they may be removed at last. Then after polishing and sanding out the rough edges, this engineered flooring is ready.

Vitrified tile flooring

Tile flooring is very common in apartments. These appear to give a glossy and shiny outlook to the room. These also come in various colors and designs. This type of engineered flooring is particularly easy. If the bases over which the tiles are to be set are not crooked then the job becomes easier. The acryl ate goes on the base and then the tiles fit snugly side by side of each other. If one tile is damaged, one can always change that particular piece of tile, without hassle.

Mosaic Flooring

This type of engineered flooring is quite old. This type is typical as it uses as random small colored stones embedded on white cement, which is smoothed out to perfection. This type of floors looks pretty good under bright lights.

Engineered flooring is very preferred recently as with such flooring, there is an option to change the whole design of the floor and redo the flooring all over again. This gives people a feeling of satisfaction that they need not to stuck to one kind of design.

These are the types of Flooring!!! Do you want to know more? Let’s go to the details and get some more useful information.

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