Water Flow vs Water Pressure; What’s The Difference

Sometimes you might experience that the water coming out from the tap does not have proper pressure. You can certainly say that there is a plumbing problem, but you might not be able to understand whether the problem is due to issues in water pressure or the water flow. The problem might be trivial, but your lack of knowledge might cost you some extra time before you call the professional plumbers. So let us look into these two aspects and the differences between them.

The definition

Water flow is described as the amount of water flowing through the taps, faucets, pipes, or hose per unit time. It is measured in liters per second. Water pressure, on the other hand, is defined as the force applied to the water to make it flow between two points. It is measured in kilopascals (kPa). The pull of gravity is a contributing factor for water pressure in your piping system. 

Adjustments needed

The water flow pressure and flow are controlled in different ways. The water flow can be adjusted at the pipe’s mouth. The water pressure can be adjusted by maintaining the pipe’s diameter as well as texture, setting up a controller, or regulating the water height above the level of the line of water output.

The Friction

Friction is an influential factor for both the flow and pressure of water.  Friction depends on the pipe’s diameter as well as texture. Friction induces a decrease in water flow, and therefore smoother pipes are recommended for faster flow. High pressure of water can be used in thinner pipes to overcome friction. However, high pressure might also lead to the bursting of the pipes.

Size of the pipe

It is generally considered that the flow of water will be higher in pipes with a larger diameter. However, if there is too little water pressure, then the water might not come out in high flow even in the smoothest or largest pipes. Therefore, although the size of the pipe is an important factor controlling the flow of water, it has to be constantly supplemented with sufficient pressure from the water sources.

Now since you have understood the concepts mentioned above, you can certainly solve some basic plumbing problems. You must train your eyes for leak detection Leatherhead adjustments will follow after it. If you still prefer to have professional help, contact a plumber.

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