What Is A Slab Leak?

The term slab leak is used when a utility pipe carrying water, sewage or gas that runs through a building’s foundations splits or breaks. When this happens, the contents of the pipe leak out into the foundation slab, hence the name.

The sooner a slab leak is detected and repaired the less damage there will be. Water or sewage leaking into a buildings slab will cause a lot of damage and could undermine the foundations.

Detecting and Dealing with a Slab Leak

Unfortunately, detecting a slab leak early is not easy. If you notice hot spots or damp spots on your floor or in your garden you should call a plumber. Low water pressure, the sound of dripping of running water even when nothing that uses water is on are other signs of this kind of leak.

In San Antonio slab leak detection is a service offered by the city’s best plumbers. Experienced plumbers in the city have been using cameras to detect the source of the problem from the early days of this technology. Being able to put a camera, with a strong spotlight attached to it into each pipe run enables the plumber to see where the problem lies. The fact that they can see exactly where the leak or break is allows them to plan the repair properly. It means that they can have all of the materials they need on site, so once they start digging there is no delay in getting the repair done. Importantly, they know exactly where to dig, which keeps the bill down and causes the least amount of damage to floors.

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