What To Expect in A Fitted Kitchen

Those who want a stylish home interior may consider the on-going trend of having a completely fitted kitchen. A fitted kitchen has all its furniture (cabinets, cupboards, shelves) compactly fitted and secured to the walls, maximizing the use of space and providing a clean and hygienic environment – there are fewer nooks and crannies in which to catch everyday debris. Whether you buy fitted kitchens in Hull or Aberdeen, you’ll find décor will have a blended and coordinating appearance which can be in both traditional and modern styles.

Most fitted kitchen designs also integrate appliances, such as microwaves and dishwashers, behind cabinet doors. Cabinets can be made from real wood, plastic or laminate. Other appliances which can be integrated include the fridge-freezer and washing machine. Some fitted kitchen even have integrated rubbish and recycling bins, ideal for those frustrated by unsightly kitchen necessities.

Fitted kitchens can be bought ‘off the shelf’ or ‘bespoke’ meaning they can be ordered from a readily designed package or customized piece by piece – from cupboard, handles to sink fittings, worktops to wall tiles. Kitchen cabinets usually come in standard sizes however sometimes bespoke cabinets will also have to be produced, if you have a particularly small kitchen area, for example.

The features of a fitted kitchen will also depend on the specific use of the room by the household in question. Whilst some homeowners will only do light cooking in their kitchen, others will use it as a place to dine and socialize. A kitchen that is frequently used by a large family may need large storage spaces and in-kitchen dining options, whilst a mini kitchen used purely to make cups of tea will only need a few smaller fitted kitchen units.

One of the most prominent features of modern fitted kitchens are the worktop surfaces. These are usually one of the most expensive details in a kitchen, particularly if Granite or Marble is chosen. Harwood is another popular choice, whilst those who need an economical finish opt or laminate – often with a natural stone effect. Often the kitchen worktops are picked to match the kitchen flooring.

Adequate ventilation is a less glamorous but essential feature of a fitted kitchen. This is usually achieved with an over-oven fan hood, built to extract any cooking steam whilst in use.

For those who do want to eat in their kitchen, a breakfast bar might be installed. These are small worktop surfaces left free of appliances and with space to have chairs or bar stools tucked away. A kitchen island is another nice addition to a fitted kitchen, which can be used for additional cooking space in the middle of the room, or as a place to eat or sit and drink coffee.

An appliance that is less likely to be integrated is the oven, although they can be built into tall wall units, a more practical approach for those who do a lot of cooking and hate bending down to check how things are doing.

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