Why Should Be Using Led Lighting?

Increasing numbers of people are starting to embrace the world of eco lighting, and when you consider the many benefits associated with LED lights, it is really not surprising.

Many people were initially skeptical about eco lighting, as is the average person’s tendency to be wary of things they do not know or understand. However, its benefits have been well publicised in recent years and this has led to more people experimenting with eco lighting in order to save money and help the environment.

The Global Recession

Eco-lighting’s sharp rise in popularity undoubtedly has much to do with the global recession. This is because eco bulbs can substantially lower your energy bills, offering a 90% energy reduction compared with incandescent light bulbs. At a time when most of people are struggling financially, eco bulbs are seen as the ideal alternative to traditional lighting. It is important to cut costs and outgoings where you can, so why not start with eco-lighting – it can have a great effect both on your bank balance and on the environment – give it a try today!

A Higher Bulb Life

Eco bulbs also have a much higher bulb life compared to halogen and incandescent lighting, lasting for between 40,000-50,000 hours compared to the mere 1500 hours that traditional bulbs experience. This longer life-span means that you will have the change your light bulbs less frequently, which can save you much time and effort. This point is important for office blocks where a large number of bulbs are used – by switching to eco lighting, you could lessen the work load of your handyman whose job it is to change all of these bulbs!

Because eco lighting is becoming so popular, it is easy to buy bulbs from numerous high-street stores and from online retailers. You will find though, that you are likely to save further money should you shop online. This is because online retailers generally offer lower prices, as well as offering discount deals should you choose to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is probably a sensible option if you use several bulbs throughout your home or workplace.

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