Window And Door Installation – Why It Pays To Go Pro


One of the questions the folks at Buildmer Ltd are asked more than any other is that of whether it’s actually worth going pro when it comes to door and window installation, or if the DIY option is realistic?

Now, on the surface it sounds like a bit of a dangerous area to delve into – not everyone out there is blessed with the gift of being able to tackle home improvements. But at the same time, windows and doors are generally supplied as ready-to-go units these days that simply need to be slotted into place…in theory, at least.

The question itself really needs to be refined a little as just because it is indeed 100% possible to fit your own windows and doors, this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to try. It might go well, it might be more of a job than you expected and prove a headache or it could prove to be a disaster – it’s a bit like rolling the dice. And yes, this also applies to those that generally have a good grasp of DIY jobs and not just those that don’t know one end of a spanner from the other.

So from an entirely logical perspective, here’s a quick overview of the main reasons why going pro with window and door installation jobs is always advisable:

1 – A Fast Result

First and foremost, it’s pretty safe to say that the faster the job gets done, the better. Not that rushing is ever a good idea with such jobs, but at the same time it’s of crucial importance not to leave things hanging in the air for too long – especially when much of the house may be pretty much torn to pieces in the interim. To go about fitting doors and windows manually means to realistically dedicate at least a week to the job, maybe longer. By contrast, a crack team of fitters from a reputable brand can get many jobs done in less than a day.

2 – A Guaranteed Result

When you go about the job yourself, you have no outright guarantee that it’s going to be a success. Sure, you can make every effort to make it all go off without a hitch, but unless you have plenty of experience doing exactly this, you have no guarantees at all. The other option therefore is to choose the pro installation route which will inherently include the guarantee of a stellar finish in the shortest possible time. Peace of mind is a commodity that’s way too valuable to overlook when going about remodelling.

3 – No Collateral Damage

You may think that the worst thing that could happen by doing the DIY thing would be a slightly imperfect result, but no. Instead, it’s not uncommon for plucky DIY types to do massive, serious and in some cases permanent damage to the walls and general structural features of their homes, having hacked them half to death trying to do a job that was out of their depth. For a fast, tidy and damage-free result, pro is the way to go.

4 – Tools For the Job

You can only get the job done right if you have the right tools – it’s as simple as that. Needless to say, installing windows and doors depends on a whole bunch of large, complicated and expensive tools that aren’t generally found in the average kitchen cupboard. You could have a crack with what you have, you could spend a few hundred pounds on upgrading or you could go the more sensible route and have the pros bring the tools along and do it all for you.

5 – On-going Point of Contact

Fit the windows and doors for yourself and you’re pretty much on your own if you run into a problem after the job is done. You did it yourself, so it’s up to you to deal with the consequences. Go with the pros on the other hand and you have a point of contact to speak to with any questions or concerns that come along at any time – peace of mind at its finest once again.

6 – Value for Money

And finally, it’s generally unheard of for a business selling windows and doors not to offer spectacularly affordable installation rates as something of an all-in deal for buying the windows with them – it may even be offered for free. But even where an additional charge is added on, there’s still no denying the value for money on offer when considering the stunning final result that will in most cases last for decades.

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