Would I Benefit From A Solar Heated Swimming Pool?

More and more people are adding swimming pools to their homes. Landscape architects NJ can design and build a pool for you that suits your outdoor environment perfectly and helps you to reduce your carbon footprint in the process. What’s even better about a solar heated pool is that it can save you around 80% on conventional pool heating expenses. You don’t have to have to be a passionate environmentalist to feel the benefit of a solar heated pool, though it can allow you to make a wonderful contribution to the world around you even with minimal effort.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar heated in ground pools NJ use no finite resources and won’t add to the countless pollutants that are already linked to our lifestyles. Whilst the initial cost of a solar heating pool isn’t what you’d call cheap, once you have paid for it, it won’t run up any significant bills. The pools are heated via solar collectors which are usually installed on the roof of the home, with the pool being connected to these either through a heat exchange system or through a more direct set-up. The systems are intelligent enough to close down as soon as the required temperature is reached and switch back on when it falls.

Adding Value to Your Home

It’s estimated that pools that are heated conventionally cost around $1200 in bills, whereas no energy costs whatsoever are run up by a solar pool. Estimates suggest that the pool can pay for itself within around three years through reduced bills. A solar heated pool can add a significant sum of value to your home too. We have been offering landscape design NJ and solar pools for many years so get in touch if you’re looking for outdoor home improvements of real value.

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