You Light Up My World: The Importance Of Electricians

Humans have been aware of electricity since 600 B.C.E. An ancient Greek philosopher named Thales of Miletus grew curious about electricity when he noticed that rubbing amber against fur attracted dust and other lightweight objects. No one else seemed curious about his discovery until the 17th century England. An amateur scientist repeated Thales of Miletus’s experiments and declared electricity to be a fluid. This theory fluid persisted until Benjamin Franklin unravelled it with his kite experiment. This led Thomas Edison’s inventing the lightbulb and building the first direct current generator sped up electricity’s path to mainstream usage.

What Are Electricians

Electricians are specialists trained and certified to handle electrical wiring for mobile and stationary locations, machines, and related equipment. Qualifications for electricians involve an apprenticeship to learn the trade and an exam to obtain licensing. Derbyshire electricians are registered for an Electro technical Certification Scheme card through the Joint Industry Board, displaying at least a Level 3 competence before practising their trade. Electricians in the area typically have an apprentice assigned to them to train the next generation of skilled tradesmen.

The Journey

Participating in an apprenticeship is the first step to becoming an electrician. The apprentice observes a qualified electrician, gaining hands-experience very early on in the process. After sufficient specialised education, the trainee must pass an exam and obtain his or her licensure to become a journeyman. Most electricians operate in this status many years before transitioning to a Master or Chief Electrician. To achieve this status, the electrician must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of electrical safety codes and display extensive job experience.

Given how temperamental and lethal electricity can be, electricians are needed to interact safely with it. Their knowledge and expertise in appliances, installations, wiring, and maintenance keep individuals safe when doing something as simple as flipping on a light switch. Lack of appropriate knowledge can lead to serious injury or death, which is why people are discouraged from wiring their own homes. Staying safe and hiring a professional is the best option.

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