For A Safe And Efficient Fireplace: Call An Experienced Chimney Sweep

You may not get the singing and dancing skills of Dick Van Dyke from the movie Mary Poppins, but when you work with an experienced chimney sweep, you will get excellent services based on years of experience. The core of the business is, of course, soot removal, which seems simple enough. But doing the job correctly is another story altogether.


Arrange for cleaning services from these Kent chimney sweeps and you receive the benefit of 300 years of history in this special business. The family-run business is built on traditional values of quality workmanship, of course, but also outstanding customer service. Whether your home chimney needs attention or you’re in a commercial situation, this is your best source for soot removal and related services.

The list includes chimney cleaning and soot removal, certainly. But you can also depend on these top providers to help with chimney cowl fittings, removal of flue liners, wood-burning stove service, cleaning of oil and solid-fuel boilers, removal of bird nests, and fitting of bird guards. When these experts complete your project, you can be sure that your fire will burn cleanly and safely.

Much the Same

The chimney-sweep task hasn’t changed a whole lot through the centuries so you can be sure that these specialists will complete the job just as thoroughly as it’s always been done. All they ask is that you have an area directly in front of the fireplace open so the sweep has room to work and that you don’t leave hot ash in the fireplace. This should be removed the night before.

Chimneys should be cleaned once per season with wood fires and once per year with other fuels. If you find soot falling into the fireplace, it’s time to contact an experienced sweep. If you feel the flue isn’t drawing as it should, talk with the experts immediately. They’ll take the soot away for you or leave it for you to use in your garden if you wish.

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