Pest Proofing A Storage Container

In addition to being unsightly and unappealing, summertime pests can have a terrible effect on storage containers as they can damage any goods contained inside them. Whether the storage containers Ft Worth in question are commercial or domestic, the pests can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and ensure that the goods, whatever they might be, cannot be used again. For businesses, this could ruin their reputation and ensure that their customers leave with a negative impression of them.

Therefore, there are good reasons to pest proof storage containers for sale:


Mice, rats, raccoons and feral cats can cause untold damage to storage containers for sale. In addition to their urine and droppings being particularly nasty and pungent, they can chew through boxes and ruin the contents. Preventing rodents is relatively simple though, and most of them start with hygiene. Regular changing of trash cans and bags, firm lids on them and making sure that floors outside and inside the container are kept clean and free of debris can help to prevent rodents from being attracted to the area in the first place whilst humane traps which act as a deterrent rather than an execution method can also be used.

Insects and Arachnids

As well as being unsightly (and scaring many people), creatures such as flies, cockroaches and spiders can cause damage and worst of all can breed extremely quickly. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that all areas are cleaned and sprayed against infestations regularly. In addition, the door and any window seals of the container should be checked regularly to ensure they don’t allow entry to anything which isn’t welcome.


Although they’re unlikely to cause any long term damage, there’s no denying that ants look unattractive and where one goes, thousands are likely to follow. The secret to getting rid of ants is to destroy the nest because this is where the queen (who is able to repopulate the nest) is. Therefore, a poison which the ants will take back to the nest will help to destroy it and the colony contained inside.

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