Four Cool Living Room Accessories

It’s the room of the house that we probably spend most of our time in. The living room: it’s our space to relax, watch TV, socialise, chat, eat snacks and have the occasional snooze, so why not spruce it up and make it the most enjoyable place you possible can?

There are a number of ways to do this, though the best way is to make some small additions to your living room. They don’t even need to be expensive, but just some well-chosen and thoughtful accessories can really personalise your living space.

Here are five great ideas for you to choose from.

Inspiring artwork

Love a bit of art deco, or maybe impressionism is more your thing? Maybe you like something a bit more alternative, or a painting that’s bright and colourful? Whatever your taste in art, adding pictures to the walls of your living room can provide an extra edge and give it some personality that helps to reflect your own. Of course, we’re not saying you need to go out and spend a fortune on an original piece of artwork; you can find high-quality prints and frames for them to go in at most home stores.

A complimentary rug

Wooden floors, although suitably stylish and modern, can look a bit bare if they cover a large space. However, you instantly add some much-needed colour and comfort if you use a rug to compliment the room. Again, this is an accessory that really can help to reflect your personality so choose something that makes it obvious that it was chosen by you.

An iPod docking station

Long gone are the days of bulky hi-fi stereo systems. Thankfully, we now all carry around our music on portable players such as iPods. However, as these are often personal mp3 devices, you may be wondering how it is possible to play this music out loud when you’re at home? The solution: get an iPod docking station. This allows you to place your iPod quickly into the slot on the speaker and carry on your tunes from where you left off. These docking stations are available in a range of styles, sizes and power levels to suit your needs.

Side tables

Let’s face it – we love to be lazy when we’re chilling out in the living room. So make life easier for yourself by purchasing some trendy-looking side-tables. So small yet highly practical and a great compliment to most rooms, you’ll be able to rest your drinks, snacks, books or tablet computer just to the side of you when watching TV, meaning you won’t need to get up for anything.

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