Top Tips On Choosing Décor For Your Bedroom

There are many reasons why a person might decide to redecorate their bedroom. Perhaps you have moved house and you are looking to spruce up an existing room with a lick of paint and a new set of bed sheets. Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend has moved in and they are no longer content to put up with the stencilled border your Mum designed for you when you were five. Or perhaps you’ve finally managed to have the extension done, and now have the ‘bedroom of your dreams’ you’ve been banging on about for the past five years to create.

Whatever your reason, choosing the right décor for your boudoir can be tricky. Let’s face it; decorating any room in your house can present challenges as not everyone agrees on what should go where. In the bedroom, you are most likely to have your bed as a focal point, followed by accompanying furniture such as the chest of drawers, dressing table or wardrobe. The first thing you need to do is to consider where each of these items should sit within the room. Opting for a practical layout which balances the amount of furniture on each side of the bed is always a nice choice. Play around with different arrangements and see what works best for you.

The next point to consider is colours. As we all know, different colours create different moods. Avoid black or grey in the bedroom as these colours can darken a room whilst simultaneously dampening your spirits. If you are hoping to create a clean and minimalistic look, go for light colours in whites, pinks or pastels. These colours will have the added benefit of making the room appear larger. A splash of a deeper colour can create an interesting contrast. This approach works particularly well if the room receives lots of natural sunlight.

Once you have decided on the colour scheme, you will now need to consider your furniture choices. Wooden hues tend to work well with most colours, but if your colour scheme is particularly bright you may wish to think twice about having coloured furniture in your bedroom. On the other hand, if you are opting for pastel hues then white furniture can work well. Ensure any seating covers or cushions which accompany the furniture will also go with the colour scheme you have chosen.

Colour scheme and furniture decided, you can now think about the bedding set you would like to have in your room. If your walls are brightly coloured then having a plain duvet cover may provide an effective contrast. Alternatively, if you have chosen neutral wall colours then having a duvet cover with some added interest such as a pattern or bright colour might work well. There are lots of vibrant duvet covers and bedding sets out there to choose from, so shop around and see what works best for you!

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