How To Fixing Roof Problems Effectively And Inexpensively

Roof problems can occur for any of a number of reasons although the most common cause of a leaking roof is due to bad weather or poor roofing conditions. This is especially a problem for flat roofs where there is no natural drainage offered by the pitch of a standard roof. EPDM membrane is ideally suited to such situations because of its strength, its weather resistance, and its durability and long life.

With the weather in the UK being such as it is, it is little wonder that one of the most common causes of a leaking roof is rain. Without adequate drainage, water collects in pools and not only does this add extra strain to the roof because of the weight but it can also erode some roofing materials. Once a split occurs, the water then begins to seep through and the problem worsens.

The sun is another potential cause of roof problems for flat roofs. Many materials are non-resistant to the harmful UV rays that beat down on the roof of houses and other properties. The rays can stretch and disfigure the material on the roof and this can cause splits and holes to appear. Again, once this occurs, the problem tends to worsen with the holes becoming bigger and even slight tears leading to major gaps. Once the rain starts too, roof problems can become a major issue.

EPDM membrane is designed so that it is resistant not only to the rain but also to the sun. It comes in a wide variety of roll sizes and this means that a single application should cover an entire roof. There are no joins or seams in the material; areas which can be prone to damage and are a major cause of roof problems when other materials are used.

Installation of the membrane is also made simpler and safer by the fact that there is no need to heat or even warm the material, or use adhesives in order to attach it to the roof itself. With some installations of this material still going strong after 50 years, it have proven to be one of the most effective and efficient of all materials.

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