Make a House a Home

The UK housing market is continuing to benefit from a revival, as the latest figures show that high prices have risen for the 11th consecutive month. According to Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s chief economist, the housing market was developing at a ‘brisk pace’ due to a number of different factors. He said:

“Consumer confidence has increased significantly in recent months thanks to further modest gains in employment and signs that the UK economy is finally gathering momentum. An improvement in the availability and a reduction in the cost of credit, partly as a result of policy measures such as the Funding for Lending and Help to Buy schemes, is also enabling more people to take their first steps into the property market.”

This spells good news for first time buyers who are looking to finally get their foot in the door of the property game. Buying a house for the first time is an immensely exciting event, and new homeowners will no doubt have plenty of ideas regarding how to turn their new property into a home. Fortunately, it does not have to cost a fortune to make a house feel homely. From clever lighting to bold accessorises, here are a few tips on how to settle into a new home.

1. Lighting

It sounds like a pretty dull thing to talk about, but the fact is that lighting can make or break the mood of a house. Visit any lighting store and you will soon realise the vast range of different options to choose from. Commercial lighting options seem to be almost endless. It is sensible to install different types of lights in different rooms. For example, soft lights may not be the best idea in the bathroom, but perfect for the bedroom. It all depends on the type of mood that you want to generate in each room.

2. Soft Furnishings

Buying a house is an expensive business and people aren’t always able to splash out on new furniture to match. This is not a problem though as old furniture can look transformed with a few simple soft furnishings. A comfortable and colourful blanket thrown over an old sofa can look fashionably shabby chic, and a few new cushions can add a sense of depth to a room. Let your imagination run wild and see what ideas you can come up with to add an extra special personal touch to your new home.

3. Decorating

The chances are that there will be some rooms in your new house which don’t meet your personal aesthetic tastes. Fortunately, this is easily remedied. There is no need to hire an expensive professional decorator. A fresh lick of paint will brighten up any room. Alternatively, start making a collection of postcards and gig posters to stick on your wall. If the carpet is truly dreadful, either pull it up and polish the floorboards, or cover them up with rugs instead. When you want to turn your first house into a home, the possibilities are endless.

Author bio: Sam Foster is a freelance writer from the UK. He writes primarily about home design and fashion, and has written for several websites including National Lighting.

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