Protect Your Home With Effective Basement Tanking

Damp can prove a major problem in any home, but is especially problematic in properties with a basement built at a subsoil level. In such properties, the soil collects against the exterior of the basement wall and without proper tanking or a cavity waterproofing system the damp will transfer from the outside to the inside. The end result is not just an unpleasant basement, but it can also lead to structural problems for your home and may cause breathing problems for those that live inside.

Damp is an issue in a lot of homes and there are many causes. It is critical that you have some form of waterproofing system installed and this is especially true in the basement. The basement is more naturally inclined to suffer telltale damp patches and it is possible that a build up of water can occur within the walls and within the cavity causing further damage.

As water seeps and leaks through walls it can corrode them. It can also corrode wall ties and other structural necessities. Left unchecked this means that the house becomes structurally unsound and after some time it will cost many thousands of pounds to have it put right. As soon as you see patches of damp or any other evidence that may indicate a damp problem you should have the problem investigated and resolved.

Basement tanking is one of the most effective forms of waterproofing the lower level of your property. The principle is a simple one and involves adding another layer to the exterior of the wall. A substance is bonded to the outside of the exterior wall and this prevents the damp from the soil from causing damp in the first place. Having basement tanking done early can negate the need for considerably more costly repairs in the future.

Using a skilled and reputable damp proofing company will help ensure that the job gets done properly first time and that your basement tanking project doesn’t end up over budget and over deadline. Ideally, basement tanking should be conducted during the initial building of a home or property and it should offer a lifetime of trouble free damp protection.

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