Real Wood Floors: Diverse And Vibrant

The numerous versions of a wood species, colors and shapes allow the integration of real wood flooring in each individual furnishing style. The more vivid the flooring, the more it draws attention to itself. If, however, stand out the furniture, a quiet, straight flooring is the better choice. Most recently attracts parquet flooring and more often to the bathroom one. Even for use around shower and toilet specially selected woods are perfect.

Rustic and natural surfaces

The natural material wood is different in color within the same species of wood and texture. These characteristics give each real wood flooring individual charm. Different colors and markings in the form of split pins or branches change the look and make each hardwood floor unique. In addition, the demand for natural and very expressive wooden flooring is very high. It has a strong presence, especially in large rooms. When paired with a classic laying pattern of strip makes it even more exclusive.

Individual look by dyeing, staining and brushes

Now, consumers demand more freedom in customizing the flooring surface. Features such as hand-planed, brushed or rough sawn structuring are also on the rise as natural oils, matt paints and oil paint combinations. Meanwhile, there are several methods that allow the dyeing wood floors. By suitable mordant or the smoking of the natural wood color that can be lightened or darkened. So many new colors can be provided over the entire surface or punctual about intarsia design. Especially smoked demand is strong in this context.

In order for patterned flooring to imitate the dark wood tones of exotic woods, native woods such as oak, ash be, maple and beech thermally treated. Besides the popular warm brown tones today colorful colors are in demand. The color spectrum ranges currently of white and gray tones, which are attractive especially in oak and ash, to the precious metal gold or silver colors through the use of color oils.

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