Signs That A Furnace Needs Replacing

Many homeowners rely on their furnace more than any other appliance. They care for it, fix it when it needs to be fixed and hope that nothing goes wrong during the harsh winter. However, there are times when a furnace simply cannot be repaired anymore and must be replaced for a newer model.

The majority of companies who specialize in Minneapolis furnace installation can provide their expert opinion on whether a furnace needs to be replaced or not, but there are many homeowners who need to know the warning signs themselves so that they can act before the situation becomes an emergency replacement.


New furnaces offer buyers the benefit of giving details of their efficiency. They may have a category which suggests that they can use a certain portion of the fuel which is put into them (the highest rating being 97%) but sadly old furnaces do not give this information. However, over time it should be more and more obvious that a furnace is not as efficient as it used to be. It could be that the heating bill has risen significantly for no apparent reason or it may be that the home simply doesn’t feel as warm as it used to do but both can be signs that the efficiency of the boiler is compromised.

Working Ability

New and regularly repaired furnaces are less likely to cause problems. However, one of the first signs that a furnace isn’t at its peak is the frequency with which it needs attention. A furnace which needs regular maintenance may be one which needs replacing.

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