The Role Of A Domestic Staff Agency

domestic staff agency

One of the most difficult things when hiring a member of staff for your own home is the level of trust required. Not only do household staff and domestic professionals need to be good at what they do, but they need to exhibit a degree of reliability which ensures that clients feel at ease with having them around.

What all of this means is that hiring the perfect individual to take on the role you need them to do can be hard – which is why we always recommend reaching out to a domestic staff agency.

Working with both parties, supporting both the client and the candidates to ensure the right match, these agencies are primed to fill roles efficiently and to ensure that skills are matched with personality and reliability – all while upholding an excellent agency reputation.

Here are three of the ways that domestic staff agencies work to place the best household staff in the right roles.

Supporting candidates with their applications

First things first, there are several reasons why candidates and budding household staff professionals are advised to reach out to and join the books of their local domestic staff agency. Not only do you gain access to the best and most coveted roles, but you also benefit from the expertise of agency staff in completing your application.

The comprehensive information gained by the agency from each client makes it easier for candidates to tailor their application according to the role, providing examples of times when their experience matches the requirements of the client. What’s more, agencies can offer direct advice on the skills and experiences that are worth chasing, to make an application more appealing to high-level jobs and positions.

Filtering applications on behalf of clients

From a client perspective, hiring via a domestic staff agency essentially means that you will only ever see the applications of those candidates who are most suitable for the role. Following a briefing, during which your needs and preferences will be ironed out and understood, the vacancy will be posted on the agency website and shared with the best potential candidates.

Agency staff will review the best applications and set up interviews with those most suitable for the role. This is where the third key role of a domestic staff agency comes in…

Matching the right clients with the right candidates

By liaising with and supporting both parties, domestic agencies are in the best possible position to match personality and lifestyle factors as well as professional skills and expertise.

Especially in cases where live-in roles are concerned, finding the right personal match between household staff and the client is crucial, and underpins that underlying need for a foundation of trust and reliability. An agency will ensure that every party is a good match on all levels, to maintain that high level of trust and the reputation of a leading London-based team.

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