Tips to Save Renovation

Last week I was with a friend, Bas. Who told me about the transformation that a while ago he let out by the contractor. It took too long and cost too were disappointing. Unfortunately it was too far away for me to speak. Settled down It seems useful to save his top 10 tips here have. Clearly at least Not benefit or not. Harms

This saving tips for growing are chronologically where he met them.

Bass did not need to take time because the demolition was not so bad. That in itself was also fourth Saturdays but you are so busy and then so the first month passed. If he had taken to immediately demolish a week off and plan to come had the contractor been able to work faster.

Self demolition

I’m always for the demolition of the device itself because then you get to know your house and then you can plan you’ve even consider. For most, it also helps tremendously to see to feel really good to ask. Draft the empty house
Dare not make decisions

If you do not dare to choose everything takes longer and often cost money because:

Doubt between two designs

He had a nice house, but wanted to make it even better and before that there were two possible alterations. Between these renovations they have very long doubted despite the pros and cons were crystal clear. Whether this choice are long or short is deferred makes the consequences of anything, but for your wallet. So please just sit for a good weekend and put yourself the deadline of Sunday for example 15 hours.

Applying for tenders often takes longer than expected and the bids came very late. Some were so late that they were not taken into consideration while a sharper quote bijzat, turned out. A late bid does not want to say that the contractor does not understand his work. So start on time with (global) quotation request and check references. Request a revised offer if your plans change can perfectly.
Parts out of the tender

Bass thought to save the room and suite doors and the floor out of it. Tender costs Which were rather high in the calculation so he thought. In hindsight gives you you a lot of problems with it on the neck because the deadline for the contractor is partly dependent upon you. And then the discussion about it a lot harder should be completed later.

The contractor Bass had chosen was very good and tidy. Yet there are always discussion about the quality of the renovation. He settled for vague promises like “it is good” and that is understandable. When that trust is violated after two times then it’s time to be. Critically on the contractor Indeed, it is not intentional but such contractor has to do more and sometimes has other priorities than you. Good communication in the beginning you both know where you stand.

Step two is more rigorous. Sometimes the contractor not only he comes with employees or (unknown) ZZPs. This was also the case here. An employee did a bad job and the others work just fine. Bass felt he had to send for that employee really gone not only was that short cuts but it also had its appearance on the work of others. The rotten apples should therefore get out quickly otherwise they infect the others.

Some jobs such as tiling Bass had contracted with a friend. However, he had never really seen the work of that friend and it turned out to be pretty. Below par How easy it is to be a stranger hired contractor, critical as it is difficult to tell from a friend the truth. Whether you are for or do not pay, it’s always a difficult story to properly resolve. So do try to get that friend credentials even if the odd.
“It’ll be okay ‘

Already mentioned but this remark was made for the construction. And to be honest: 90% is really good if you are promised something. Yet it is useful to just by asking what they then do to get it. ‘Good’ An error counter tops still temporarily accept or just accept a different color on the walls can provide real problems. You often it feels like people messing with you. Keep one payment behind that will allow you to solve it. Otherwise
Capture agreements

Sometimes you have to rely on the good faith but usually it’s not a bad habit to just capture. Important appointments If you do start right away, you clearly. There is no problem with that. A laptop with internet in the building with a checklist that you can send an email directly by simply practical and clear. Two birds with one blow so!

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