A Quick Overview Of Balustrades, Glass And Fencing

There are few things more important to a home than its fencing. After all, without this essential boundary, your home ceases to have both the protection and distinction it deserves. With that said, while fencing as property demarcation is commonplace, it isn’t the only use of fencing or wall-like structures within a home. The rise of the DIY industry has led to a spike in interest when it comes to all manners of different home décor options, including fencing and boundary options, which in turn has led to more experimentation when it comes to interior design. Here is a quick look at how glass and balustrades can come together to form décor options that are both simple and sleek.

What is a Balustrade?

It’s worth taking the time to answer, for those not in the know, what a balustrade actually is. After all, for as common a term as it is in the industry, the term can seem a bit opaque to outsiders. A balustrade is a common type of architectural fastening and support system. It usually does the work of a column, working to keep structures upright and straight while adding overall stability.

Aesthetics and Architecture

Chances are that you’ve probably seen a balustrade at some point or another, since they were very popular in designs used during ancient times. Think of ancient columns, or even something akin to the supports beneath the rail of a modern-day staircase, and you’ll have a rough idea of what a balustrade could look like. Today, it often takes on a vaguely candlestick-esque form, though for more modern and minimalist pieces of architecture, this design is likewise simplified.

Such is the case with a glass balustrade, supporting glassy structures—often built in a minimalist style—which can be found in all manners of different DIY and décor projects today.

Why Go Glass?

As stated, the main function of a balustrade is to provide support for a structure. This would seem to generally fall under the purview of building materials other than glass, for obvious reasons. Why, then, are so many people turning to glass as the primary material for their balustrades? For one thing, sheared glass fits in nicely with minimalist designs, and minimalism is trending nicely at the present moment. There’s something about the elegant simplicity of form and the precision of function that makes balustrades made of glass the perfect marriage of those two essential design qualities.

There’s far more to a modern balustrade than simply one piece. Today, balustrades are typically held in place by sturdy fasteners, and these of course tend to be made from stronger metals. This is especially the case when it comes to balustrades made from glass—the structure itself may be made of glass, but the spigots, latches, brackets, clamps, and so on are all made from strong stainless steel components.

With DIY and home décor being what they are today, you’ll definitely want to check out different balustrade options, including those featuring glass.

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  1. Amazing content must say. Glass balustrades are commonly used as an elegant and modern way to create a barrier, while still allowing for an unobstructed view. Glass balustrades offer an unobstructed view and can be used as either an indoor or outdoor feature. Fencing is a freestanding structure that is used to define boundaries or create privacy. It is typically made of wood, metal, or PVC. Keep sharing such interesting ones.

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