The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating For Your Home

Your Home

Whether you are renovating or building a new home, the idea of underfloor heating will have crossed your mind. There are undoubtedly many benefits to underfloor heating, including the fact that it doesn’t take up any valuable wall space, is totally invisible, and is so amazing to walk on when the temperature plummets and you want to be warm. There may well be more benefits than you realise, so read on for some of the other positives of underfloor heating.

Low To No Maintenance Costs

Both underfloor water and heating have to be installed in polypropylene, and this is tough stuff and doesn’t need to be maintained. If you have water-fed underfloor heating, ensure that every component used meets the BS EN 1264 standard, as this is your peace of mind. Systems that meet this requirement usually come with a guarantee of 25 years or more, which shows serious confidence in the product.

Energy Efficient

In the current climate, the need for energy efficiency is growing rapidly. The good news is that underfloor heating is way more energy efficient than traditional radiators. In turn, this means your electricity bills are reduced, which has to be good news. Also, when you come to turn off the heating, the retained heat in the room lasts far longer. Radiators cool quickly once turned off, but underfloor heating systems hold their residual heat for a lot longer.

Minimal Running Costs

It is cheaper to use whole-house underfloor heating than it is to run a central heating radiator system. With gas prices on the increase, this will also help lower bills as the system can run on electricity. Gas water heating systems have to be installed by professionals, and they have higher installation costs. An electric underfloor heating system can be installed by experienced home DIY fans, and there is nothing to damage. Pound on pound, the gas system was always slightly cheaper than electric, but this may well no longer be the case as gas prices soar. Regardless of which underfloor heating systems you have, they are both still cheaper than central heating. You can also improve the running costs by ensuring that you have thicker insulation.

Home Comfort Levels

Underfloor heating systems bring a magical feel to a home. Not only are you walking on warmth, but the temperature profile around a room is proven to be more consistent than other forms of heating. There won’t be any cold spots in a room with underfloor heating, but radiators rely on convection to move the heat, and this can be notoriously uneven.

Allergy friendly

Underfloor heating systems can also help allergy sufferers feel more comfortable. At floor level without underfloor heating, there is a lot of humidity and moisture, which creates the perfect breeding environment for dust mites and other creepy crawlies. With underfloor heating, mites do not breed in the same way and therefore, the hygiene of a room increases, which is excellent news for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory and allergy-based conditions.

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